Startup Day Across America

Startup Day Across America Infograph

Invite your member of Congress to visit with your entrepreneurial community

Though new businesses are vital to our country’s economic growth, many policymakers may not know about the latest startups in their states and districts.

Startup Day Across America is an opportunity for senators and representatives to learn more about local startups and discuss the important role they play in our economy.

August 1 isn’t the only day to connect with your members of Congress. Keep the conversations going year-round to ensure the voices of entrepreneurs are heard.

Learn how you can participate in this bipartisan effort that raises awareness and helps generate support for startup communities across the country.

Startup Day in the heartland | See how Kansas City entrepreneurs from Missouri and Kansas observed Startup Day this year with roundtable discussions with their elected officials.

How to request a meeting with your senator or representative

Make the request as far in advance as possible.

When making a request, be sure to include detailed information about the meeting, including:

  • Audience (who, how many, and from where)
  • Type (tour, roundtable, speech)
  • Date and location
  • Whether the event is open to the public or private
  • Whether media will be invited to attend the meeting

Follow up, but not too often. Many members’ schedules are not set until a week or two before an event. When making a request, it’s a good idea to ask the scheduler when you should follow up or expect a response.