What Do You Share With Your Family?

07/28/2016 05:40 to watch
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What you share, and how and when you share it, is an important thing to consider as you meet the challenges of entrepreneurship, particularly during those early, uncertain days.

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Questions for You

How much of the day to day struggles can I share with my spouse without causing undue stress?

What are the essential things that need to be shared (especially those that relate to finances or our future)?

Questions for the Family

What are my worst fears?

What do I want to know?

What would I rather not hear?

Tools and Exercises

Have a conversation as a family. Identify what you need to share, what you want to share, and how you’ll share. Talk about whether you’ll have a regular family meeting, or share on an as needed basis? Are there good or bad times to discuss as a family?

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