Startups Versus Big Companies

07/28/2016 07:42 to watch
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In large companies we have a series of knowns. By contrast, in a startup, it’s a series of unknowns. There is a lot we don't understand.

Suggested Readings

Founders School || Startups || Startups Versus Big Companies || Impact Guide (PDF).

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Questions for You

How do I think about metrics in a startup? What metrics are important?

How do I need to think differently about sales?

What should I be doing on the product development front?

Questions for Your Team

How are various team roles different in a startup?

How is search different from execute?

Tools and Exercises

Business Model Canvas.

Business Model Canvas “From Idea to Business” Animated Series.

Blank, Steve. Founders Workbook. A companion to the Startup Owner’s Manual. (Website:

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