Growth vs Profitability

08/30/2016 02:51 to watch
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Do you want to grow or be profitable? There’s often a debate about which answer is best and whether this is a false choice. For any given company, the right answer can change many times.

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Questions for You

What is my vision for the company’s growth?

How does this vision relate to the company’s current growth? If the two are not aligned, what needs to change?

What is a realistic timeline for my growth strategy?

What are the financial implications of my growth strategy?

Questions for Your Team

What metrics and ratios must we be aware of in order to align our financial resources with our growth strategies?

How much can the company afford to lose in profits in order to ramp up scaling efforts?

How high does the gross margin have to be in order to offset losses and become profitable?

Tools and Exercises

Calculate your CAC and your LTV for the current business model. Decipher what your LTV/CAC ratio needs to be for your growth plans to be worthwhile.

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