Building Your Company Culture

08/03/2016 03:20 to watch
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Building the culture of your company starts even before day one. Be intentional about the values of your organization. The minute you have two people working together, you develop an organizational culture and identity. If you’re not out in front of that and steering it, one might develop that you may not like.

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Questions for You

What were the reasons I wanted to start this company?

What were the values I wanted this company to have? Are they evident today? If not, how do I instill the missing values in my organization?

How do I collect reflection on the direction and culture of the business?

What processes do I have in place to turn values into our daily culture?

Questions for Your Team

What are the top values of the company?

How are they reflected in the business?

Where are the disconnects between our values and our operations?

Tools and Exercises

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