Marketing Mix Management

07/28/2016 00:05:59 to watch
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Armed with an understanding of your target audience, learn how you can develop a website, engage social media, and learn from your early customers to execute and refine your marketing strategies.

Questions for You

Have I developed a clear sense of my target customer and where I can reach them?

Do I have a website? Are my objectives clear?

How well am I engaging in social media where my customers are?

How well am I doing in balancing listening and talking?

Questions for Your Team

How can we contribute our knowledge to determining the best way to engage customers?

Tools and Exercises

Identify a person who represents your target and ask them to review your presence - website, social media, presentations, etc. Do they find these relevant to them? Does it explain to the person what the product does? Do they motivate the intended target to use your product or service?

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